Mandevilla Vines Care and Maintenance Tips for Fast Growth. 

by Urban Plants

The mandevilla plant is the common patio plant, and rightfully so. Mandevilla flower plants add a tropical flair to any landscape. Once you buy a mandevilla vine, you may be confused about what you need to do to be successful at growing mandevilla. Keep learning more about mandevilla care. 

Best Tips for Mandevilla Care When you are going to buy your mandevilla vine, chances are good that it’s a lush plant full of flowers. You may wish to plant it on the ground or into a bigger or more decorative container. Mandevilla flowers need sandy, moist soil with plenty of organic material mixed in. A good soil mix for mandevilla plants include two parts potting soil or peat moss to one part builder’s sand.  An important part of mandevilla plant care is the type of light they receive. Mandevilla vines need full sun in order for Mandevilla flowers to flower well. They can tolerate poor shade, however.  In order to get the best mandevilla flowers throughout the summer, they have to provide high phosphorus to mandevilla plant, water soluble fertilizer once every two weeks. This will keep your mandevilla flower blooming wonderfully.  You may also want to cut off your mandevilla. This method of pruning your mandevilla will create a fuller plant. To pinch your mandevilla vine, use your fingers to pinch off 1/4 to 1/2 inch off the end of each stem. Mandevilla plants are vines and they will need some kind of support in order to grow as best they can. Make sure to provide a trellis or some other support for your mandevilla vine to grow up. Growing Year-Round Mandevilla plants

The mandevilla plant is often thought the annual but, in fact, it is a very frost tender perennial. Once temperatures go down to 50 degrees F mean 10 C, You can bring your mandevilla varieties indoors for the winter. When you bring your mandevilla flower plants indoors, make sure to check the plant carefully for pests and treat these pests before bringing the plant indoors. When You want to cut back the plant by up to one-third. Once indoors, place your mandevilla vine in a place where it will get bright sun, indirect light. Moist the plant when the soil is dry to the touch. In the spring, when the temperatures are consistently above 50 degrees F. Remove any dead leaves and move your mandevilla plant back outside to enjoy another summer

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