Lily of the Valley grow tips and care

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Lily of vally Plant Urban plants Lily of the valley scientific name - Convallaria majalis. Lily of the Valley is also known as may lily or may bells. Lily of the Valley is the woodland flowering plant with sweetly scented, pendent, bell - shaped with white flower borne in spring.

About the Lily of the valley plant 

Plant height 

Convallaria majalis is a perennial herbaceous rhizomatous plant that grows up to 12 - 13 in (30 cm) tall. It is native to Asia and Europe. It is a spreading plant that comes  year to year in late spring. 


The paired leaves are long elliptics growing up to 16  in (50 cm) long. Leaves are deciduous.


The bell-like dainty white flowers have a strong, sweet scent  and bloom in the spring.


The fruits are like red berries.

Lily of the Valley symbolism

This flower symbolises - purity, youth, sincerity, luck and discretion. But most importantly, it symbolises happiness. This joyful symbolism means that it's very important to give someone you love  bouquet  of lilies of the valley in May. 

Uses of lily of the valley

Lily of vally Plant Uses Urban plants Lily of the valley is a fragrance flower used in religious, celebration, decoration, gifting, perfume and in gardens. And also known as May lilies it means " return to happiness".

Is lily of the valley poisonous

Yes , all the parts of plants are potentially toxic due to the concentration of cardiac glycosides (cardenolides), it is highly poisonous if consumed by humans or animals. The attractive red berries are the common source of poisoning in children. 

How to grow and care for Lily of the Valley 

  • Easy- care plants don't require much to thrive. 

Can lilies grow in shade 

  • It prefers partial shade and moist soil . It will grow very well in dry shade too. 
  • It takes 3 to 4 weeks to grow from bulbs to plants.
  • Hardiest zone - 3 to 8 zone 

Lily of the valley bloom time - spring season

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