Lentils Farming in Polyhouse for Profits

by Sadabahar Greens Pvt. Ltd.

Polyhouse farming is gaining popularity in India. Polyhouse farming can be quite profitable for a farmer. Farming lentils in a polyhouse (also known as a greenhouse or controlled environment) can be a profitable venture if done correctly. Polyhouse farming provides a controlled environment that allows for better management of factors like temperature, humidity, light, and pests, resulting in increased yields and improved crop quality. Here are some steps and considerations for lentils farming in a polyhouse for profits:

What exactly is a polyhouse?

Lentils-Farming-in-Polyhouse-Urban-PlantsA polyhouse, often known as a greenhouse, is a building or structure consisting of translucent materials such as glass or polyethylene in which plants grow and develop under controlled climatic circumstances. 

Planting lentils in a polyhouse requires careful planning and attention to detail.

Here's a step-by-step planting procedure for lentils farming in a polyhouse:

🔍 Lentils-Farming-Polyhouse-Urban-PlantsSelect the right lentil variety based on climate and market demand. 

🌱 Prepare well-drained soil rich in organic matter for optimal growth. 

🌾 Sow seeds with recommended spacing and depth. 

💦 Water thoroughly for proper germination and maintain adequate moisture. 

☀️ Ensure ideal temperature and provide sufficient natural/artificial light. 

🚰 Use efficient irrigation like drip system to avoid waterlogging. 

🍃 Apply organic fertilizers for moderate nutrient requirements. 

🌱 Offer support with trellises to aid growth. 

🐜 Monitor for pests and diseases; consider biological control methods. 

🐝 Facilitate self-pollination with gentle shaking or breeze. 

🚜 Manage weeds to prevent competition for nutrients. 

🍂 Harvest when pods turn brown and dry; handle with care. 

🛍️ Store lentils properly in suitable containers post-harvest.

With proper care and attention, lentil farming in a polyhouse can lead to bountiful yields and profitable outcomes!

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