Leaf Waste and Yard Waste can Help Pollinators

by Sadabahar Greens Pvt. Ltd.

Pollination Urban plants Pollinators, which include butterflies, bees, birds, beetles and bats, move pollen from one plant to another to allow plants and crops to grow. However, various impacts such as disease, pesticides, climate change, limited habitats and pests have stressed pollinators leading to a decline in their population. We all have a role to play to ensure pollinators remain protected and your seasonal leaf and yard waste can help!

Pollinators in the fall

During the fall, consider keeping some leaves on the ground to provide pollinators with shelter throughout the winter season.

Pollinators in the spring

Insect pollination Urban plants Help protect pollinators by delaying any seasonal yard work to later in the spring when temperatures are around 15 degrees Celsius or above. Some pollinators use leaves and twigs as their habitat during the winter and cleaning them up too early could hurt them. Weekly leaf and yard waste collection begins in late April each year.
Plant pollinator gardens when high temperature is high in the spring to support plants that will help pollinators grow new crops. Learn more about pollinators and some native plants that are pollinator friendly, black-eyed Susan, including different types of milkweed, and Red-Osier Dogwood. 

Vertical garden tower Urban plants

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