Ladyfinger Farming in Polyhouse from Seeds for Profit

by Sadabahar Greens Pvt. Ltd.

Greetings, fellow farmers and gardening enthusiasts! 🌾 Are you considering the rewarding venture of growing the beloved Ladyfinger (Bendakaya) in a polyhouse environment? Look no further – we've got you covered with valuable insights to help you achieve the best results for a successful harvest and maximum profits. 🌶️🌿

Why Polyhouse Farming? Polyhouse farming offers a host of benefits for Lady Finger cultivation:Ladyfinger-Farming-in-Polyhouse-from-Seeds-for-Profit-Urban-Plants

Climate Control: Shield your crops from harsh environmental conditions such as extreme temperatures and humidity.

Enhanced Yield: Polyhouses ensure consistent and high-quality production, maintaining the color and flavor of your Lady Finger crop.

Controlled Nutrition: Precise water and fertilizer application leads to bountiful yields and healthier plants.

Efficient Light Management: Polyhouse designs allow light in while trapping heat, creating a conducive environment for growth.

Polyhouse Structure:

  • Constructed using GI pipes or other durable materials, reducing initial investment costs.

  • The roof is covered with transparent UV stabilized polyethylene film (200-micron thickness).

  • Movable shade nets are positioned at 11 feet height to regulate light exposure.

  • Sidewalls are covered with a combination of 200-micron polyethylene film (3 feet height) and 40-micron white-colored insect-proof net (remaining sidewall height).

Ideal Soil Conditions:

  • Optimal pH level ranges from 6.5 to 7.0.

  • Well-drained, fertile soil with proper nutrient content.

  • Warm soil temperatures between 65 to 70°F.

Watering Tips:

  • Sufficient water is crucial, especially during warm months.
  • Apply around an inch of water weekly, focusing at the base to avoid washing away soil.
  • Avoid watering leaves to prevent fungal growth.
  • Watering in the early morning allows leftover moisture to dry under sunlight.

Advantages of Polyhouse Cultivation:

  1. Higher Yield: Polyhouse cultivation leads to increased productivity and yield.

  1. Optimal Growth Environment: Protection from adverse weather conditions, pests, and diseases.

  1. Year-round Production: Polyhouses enable continuous cultivation, resulting in better returns.

  1. Quality Improvement: Enhanced quality and appearance of produce.

Planting and Harvesting:Ladyfinger-Farming-in-Polyhouse-from-Seeds-for-Profit-Urban-Plants

  1. Start Lady Finger seeds in the polyhouse about 3-4 weeks before the last frost date.

  1. Soak seeds for 12-18 hours to promote germination.

  1. Plant in well-drained soil with temperatures between 65 to 70°F.

Harvest pods when they reach about three inches in length, cutting them just above the cap. Be cautious of the tiny spines, wear gloves if needed.

🌟 Join the league of successful Ladyfinger farmers using polyhouse cultivation techniques and witness your profits grow as abundantly as your crops! 🌱💰 Remember, with dedication and the right techniques, your Lady Finger farm can flourish year-round, providing you with a steady stream of harvest and income. Happy farming! 🌾🏆 #PolyhouseLadyfingerFarming #MaximizeProfits #HealthyHarvest


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