Kidney Beans Farming in Polyhouse (Rajma) for Profit

by Sadabahar Greens Pvt. Ltd.

Are you looking for a profitable agricultural venture? Farming kidney beans (Rajma) in a polyhouse might be the answer! With proper planning, care, and market analysis, polyhouse farming can provide an optimal environment for your crops, shielding them from adverse weather conditions. Here are some essential steps and considerations for a successful kidney beans farming venture in a polyhouse:

 Here are the key steps:

Kidney-beans-Farming-in-Polyhouse-Urban-Plants📊 Market research – Understand the demand and find potential buyers.

💧 Polyhouse setup – Provide the perfect environment with proper irrigation and ventilation.

🌱 Best varieties – Choose beans that thrive in your region and are in demand.

🌾 Quality seeds – Treat them with fungicides to ensure disease-free plants.

🏡 Soil preparation – Amend the soil with organic matter and essential nutrients.

🌞 Planting & care – Monitor water, nutrients, and keep weeds at bay for unobstructed growth.

🐞 Pest & disease control – Safeguard your plants with organic solutions.

🌾 Harvesting timing – Pick fully mature beans for the best market value.

Kidney beans offer various health benefits, including:  

  • Kidney-beans-Farming-Polyhouse-Urban-PlantsRich in Protein
  • Fiber Powerhouse: 
  • Low in Fat  
  • Stabilizes Blood Sugar:   
  • Packed with Nutrients  
  • Supports Heart Health: 
  • Boosts Energy:  
  • Aids Weight Loss: 

Join this rewarding journey of kidney beans farming in a polyhouse and cultivate success!

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