Jade Plant As A Gift

by Sadabahar Greens Pvt. Ltd.

Return gift ideas for adults

Jade-Plant-Gift-Urban-PlantsThere are so many articles available that you can give as a gift to your friends who are adults, but plants are one of the best gifts that you can give to your family members and friends who are adults. Jade plant is a natural air purifier that purifies air. There are thousands of contaminants that are present around us that are emitted by paint, new clothes, Wi-Fi router, TV, AC etc. it absorb them and make the air fresh.

Gift for brother birthday in low price

The Jade plant is a very good plant that you can give to your brother on birthday. According to Feng Shui or Vastu this plant is lucky for the owner and brings happiness and prosperity in your home and office as well wherever kept. According to Vastu if it is kept near the entrance of your home or in the office it brings good luck and health.

Gifts below 100 rupees

Jade-Plant-Gift-Urban-PlantsIf a jade plant is kept near the money box in the office or in the shop, it brings prosperity and success. So gifting a Jade plant to your brother will definitely bring success in your brother's life. In addition, the Jade plant is not very expensive and due to the festive season there are a lot of offers. So sometimes it is even available at 100 rs, and it is easy to maintain.

Gifts for house-warming ceremony in India

Jade plant is a good gift to give on house-warming ceremonies in India because India is a home of greenery and plants have great value in our traditions and culture. So in a house-warming party, plants are best to give as a gift in India. There are many green plants that can be given such as spider plant, peace Lily, bamboo plant, money plant, Jade plant etc. 

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