Indoor Plantation Guidance for Guava Plants

by Sadabahar Greens Pvt. Ltd.

Indoor Guava plant Urban plants Dwarf Guava plants are native to the tropical and subtropical Americas and will do best in conditions that mimic those regions. They like humid conditions, moderately warm and react badly to any hint of cold or to desert-like heat. Guava plant in pot can grow well on a warm patio or deck during the warmer months, then moved indoors for the winter.
When grown indoors, guava plants like a bit more heat and humidity than the typical indoor home environment, so you may find that it's best to grow them in a sunroom or greenhouse, where temperatures and humidity can be controlled. Indoor dedicated to heat-loving plants can also be a good option, provided it has enough sunlight.

Indoor growing requirements of Guava plant 


Guava plants want as much full sunlight as you can give them. Move your germinated guava to a very sunny place as soon as possible. During summer, move them outdoors to a sunny ratio. In the winter, move indoors to the brightest location possible.


A rich typical potting soil mix will do fine for guava plants. We'll-draining conditions are important to prevent the roots from rotting.


Provide guava plants with regular water during the growing season, and reduce watering somewhat during the winter season. 

Temperature and Humidity

Guava trees are warm-weather plants that don't react well to cold. Young hybrid guava plants may succumb to even the hint of frost, so make sure to move patio plants indoors well before the weather turns chilly. Mature guava plants may survive a touch of frost now and then, but only in the warmest climates can these plants remain on a patio year-round.
Hybrid Guava plants like relatively humid conditions and don't grow well in desert-like environments, such as that found in outdoor Arizona. At the same time, extremely humid, jungle-like conditions can foster rust fungus on the leaves and cause damage.

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