Importance of planting trees in schools and colleges

by Sadabahar Greens Pvt. Ltd.

Why do we plant trees ?

Plants for Schools Urban plants We plant trees to create a soothing environment around us ,to maintain calmness in ourselves, interact with good vibes and stay away from negative energy.

In schools and colleges plants can be grown in the pots inside the classrooms as well as outside in the cafeteria, playing grounds in the balconies outside the classes. In colleges there is lot of space where outdoor plants can be planted. Thus, such greenery in the schools and colleges is very beneficial for students as well as educators.

What are the benefits of planting trees?

Planting trees in institution such as schools and colleges is such a wealth and provides numerous of benefits such as it helps to create a fresh environment,  looks soothe, beautiful appearance,  purifies air,  reduces stress. Indoor plant best for planting 

Snake plant

Also called mother in law's tongue it looks very stylish and considered very good for health. According to some researchers this plant produces oxygen 24 hours. The idea of keeping this plant inside the classes in schools in colleges is very good.

Care and Management 

Plants for Schools Urban plants For maintaining snake plant, it should be watered once in a week and should be kept in indirect  sunlight so that it can grow well. One outdoor plant best for planting in schools and colleges


Mint is perennial herb and best to grow in outdoors of schools and colleges because it is spread it leaves largely and requires space for its proper growing. The leaves of mint plant are used for eating purposes. This plant also has medicinal property. 

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