Importance of greenery in schools and colleges

by Sadabahar Greens Pvt. Ltd.

Plants for Schools Urban plants Planting of trees in schools and colleges is good for kids as well as educators as they keeps the surroundings fresh and healthy.

The green environment around the students and teachers will help them to feel fresh all the time and it also reduces metal stress . Plants do not only brighten up the surroundings but also give live appearance wherever planted.

Benefits of having trees in schools and colleges 

Planting trees around students such as inside and outside the classroom is very beneficial as plants helps to reduce mental stress , keeps the surroundings fresh ,brightens up the surroundings, gives beautiful appearance ,purifies air and  etc. 

indoor plant that can be planted and kept.

1- Palm plant

 It is beautiful plant and require maintenance. This plant is very good and its survival rate is very high. The idea of planting this plant inside the classrooms is best as it does not require much care and maintenance. 

Care and Management 

Plants for Colleges Urban plants This plant does  not require direct sunlight and daily watering. Due to this this plant is easy to care and manage. If the institution get close for one or two months it can easily survive for this time period by watering it once properly before closing. If it's leaves get dry and brown can be easily recovered by supplying proper amount of water. One outdoor plant that can be planted in schools  and colleges 

2- Hibiscus

The idea of planting Hibiscus in outdoors is one of the best decision ever as it grows largely and is appealing to senses. It's leaves are used for cosmetic purpose and flowers are edible moreover,  it gives a beautiful look and appearance wherever planted. 

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