Immediate care After Receiving the Chaunsa mango Tree

by Sadabahar Greens Pvt. Ltd.
Chausa-mango-tree-initial-Urban-plantsChaunsa mango fruit has a brilliant yellow shading when ready. It is delicate, verging on fibreless and has a sweet-smelling charming delicious sweet flavor. The exceptional taste and lavishness in chaunsa mango flavor makes it an overall top pick. Chaunsa mango is usually called the “Lord of Mangoes”. Generally chaunsa is view as the best mango fruit as far as its rich smell, sweet taste, delicious mash and high nutritious quality.

Initial Care After Receiving Mango tree 

  • Chausa-mango-tree-immediate-Urban-plants
    Water the Chausa mango plant immediately when you receive it to make the soil moist.
  • Take care of water requirements very efficiently for around 2 weeks after receiving the Chausa mango tree.
  • Keep the Chausa plant in indirect sunlight.
  • Do not try repotting the calusa plant as soon as you receive it as the soil ball might get disturb.

Growing Conditions of Chausa Mango 

Choose an area of land that doesn’t bake in full sunlight. The Chausa mango tree will become very large if not pruned, so make sure it will have enough room if you plan to allow it to grow to its natural size. Various conditions to grow chausa mango plant 

  • Low maintenance requires 
  • Moderate water requirement nearly twice a week 
  • Apply any organic fertilizer twice a year to the golden mango tree.

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