How to Manage Waste Of Institute Or College?

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Wastes Generated At Institute Level

Nowadays there are many Institute and Universities established for the higher education of students. There are number of students come from various parts and live together for getting degree. Institute provides food and accommodation for them. In the process of managing these students different types of wastes generated in the institutes or colleges.How to Manage Waste Of Institute Or College?-Urban-Plants

These wastes can be generated from the mess hall of the hostels, toxic wastes from laboratory, electronics wastes, and other dry wastes like paper, plastics, metal items etc. If these wastes are properly segregated and disposed at right place, it will help in making institutes clean and beautiful which indirectly protects the surrounding environments from the hazardous wastes.

Why it is Necessary to Setup waste management model in universities?

As universities are the place where the future leaders are developing in a large amount. These students when come out leads the society that also include concern for their surrounding environments. So it is very important that college's authority should build this habit in their student of managing the wastes generated by them.

1. Save FoodHow to Manage Waste Of Institute Or College?-Urban-Plants

There should be posters related to not waste food in the mess hall, where all students come and eat. There should be strict rule to take food as per requirement by everyone. And not to leave it in plates rather than it should be separately collect in one container. And later on give it to the animals nearby. This will prevent the mixing of these wet wastes with other wastes categories.

2. Separate dustbins 

The university authorities member should focus on rule of keeping different colours of dustbin in hostels, departments, and on streets within the university so that students can dump the wastes in right container, which helps the wasting of time and energy in separating the whole university's wastes. the green dustbin for biodegradable wastes like fruits and vegetables, egg shells etc, blue for plastic items, black for hazardous wastes like any used medical equipment's or laboratory test-tube etc.

3.Make Compost

How to Manage Waste Of Institute Or College?-Urban-PlantsIt is very easy to make compost in the universities as there are good amount of resources available for compost making. As the universities capture a large area of land which is mostly decorated by many trees and plants. This produces brown leaves which is rich in carbon and the fruits and vegetables wastes from the mess hall which is rich in nitrogen will be perfect for compost.

This compost can again used in those plants and trees, which prevents the use of chemical fertilizers on them. And university will also manage their wastes successfully.

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How to Manage Waste Of Institute Or College?-Urban-PlantsComponents of waste management are not just with respect to waste collected from households, commercial establishments etc. Waste is more of a serious concern which impacts the health and sanitation factor of every citizen of the city. Cleanliness is directly related to wastage and sanitation both aspects. So it is not just the Smart cities which have become the enablers for Solid Waste Management but several other schemes like Swachh Bharat Mission have also played a vital and significant role in bringing public awareness on health factors related to Waste Management.

A Modern solution of Waste Management


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