How To Grow Rajnigandha in a Pot?

by Sadabahar Greens Pvt. Ltd.

Rajanigandha flower, also named as Nishigandha flower,Gul-e Shabho in Urdu,tuberose in English and famous with so many other names, is one of the most fragrant flowers of the world.Rajnigandha flower is a perennial plant having nocturnal nature which means its flowers blooms at night and also increases the fragrance.

Rajnigandha flower plant because of its amazing fragrance quality also has high demand in the perfume industry and also used in worship,weddings and many other occasions.If you want a plant which helps to peace your mind with its fragrance and relaxes your whole body.Then Rajnigandha flower is the best choice for your garden.

Rajnigandha grows through Rajnigandha bulbs which are conical in shape.They can be planted directly in ground or in a container for home garden.

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1. Select the healthy bulbs

Choosing healthy rajnigandha bulbs is the first and most important step as everything will depend on it.Select the bulb having diameter of (15-20)mm as it will lead to more healthy flower stalks.

2. Choose right pot

As growing rajnigandha bulbs too close will decrease flowering.So take a pot of at least 10 inches and 25 inches wide.Having proper drainage holes.

3. Soil Mix

Rajanigandha flower grows best in well drained soil and highly nutritious soil.So if you have normal garden soil mix it with one part of Coco peat,one part of sand and two parts of well decomposed compost.

4. Bulbs Spacing

As the rajnigandha flower plant flowering effects by too close planting of bulbs.So the gaping between two bulbs should be at least 6-8 inches and about 2-3inches deep.

5. Right Place to keep

After watering, keep the pot where not more than 2-3 hrs of sunlight is coming during the germination period of rajnigandha bulbs.

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