How to grow potatoes and turmeric in grow bags

by Sadabahar Greens Pvt. Ltd.

Grow bags are alternate options where a plant can grow as good as in any pots and planter’s.  Plant grow bag is an excellent option if you have less space and want to grow veggies , fruit plants on you terrace and balcony .  In particular grow bags offer several advantages as they are – spacious, unbreakable, highly – durable, cost effective and provide good aeration to roots.


  • Cultivation of turmeric in grow bags

Planting turmeric rhizome –

Turmeric can be easily planted by rhizome , plant each seed rhizome 2 to 4 inches deep and spaced around 4 to 6 inches apart  in month of April or march

Soil Preparation -

The first step is to prepare an ideal soil, for turmeric the soil should be    loose, well-draining, free of big clumps or rocks, and fairly rich in organic matter and slightly acidic in nature. Also application of slow or mild release fertilizer would be great for plant in its mature stages.


Size of grow bags –

Turmeric is not a plant that grows deep , that’s why size and surface area of the grow bags matters the most  , we recommend a grow bag which is large in size along with good drainage and aeration .

Planting location –

Turmeric grows well in full sun to partial shade, but always remember that it is sensitive to scorching heat as it grows best in moderately warm temperature.

Watering requirement –

Turmeric demands most of the water when it is actively growing, but not nearly as much before it sprouts as the un-sprouted rhizome seeds are prone to rotting if left in standing water.


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