How to Grow Muscari Flowers Indoors in Your Home

by Sadabahar Greens Pvt. Ltd.

Muscari Flowers are a type of ornamental flower that are commonly found in gardens and greenhouses. They are also known as a grape flower, as the flowers are shaped like clusters of grapes. They come in a variety of colors, including white, pink, and yellow.

  • Common Name - Grape hyacinth
  • Family - Asparagaceae
  • Soil Type - Humus-rich soil,normal garden soil also use
  • Propagating - Seed / bulbs
  • Height - 6 to 9 Inches tall


During the growing period,keep the soil moist,not dry or wet. The best soil for growing Muscari Flowers is a well-drained, fertile soil that is acidic. Muscari Flowers need well-drained soil. Peat moss or compost can be added at planting time to improve drainage.To grow Muscari Flowers, you will need to add organic matter to the soil. You can add compost, rotted manure, or leaves to the soil.


Muskari is especially easy on sunlight. You can place them in various sunny areas of your home as they enjoy partial to full sun.


Over watering can rot the bulbs of this plant so care must be taken when watering.It is best to water the plant in the morning so that the water can soak in. Muscari prefers a moist soil and it will do well in a container that is kept in a sunny location.


The plant should not require additional fertilizer except in the poorest of is more important to provide the soil with compost or other fertilizer after flowering.

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