How To Grow Dahlia Flower

by Sadabahar Greens Pvt. Ltd.

Dahlia native to Mexico and Central America is a flowering plant of the Asteraceae family (which includes chrysanthemum, aster, sunflower, Daisy etc). Dahlia thrives best in the tropical region of the world but not too hot as it affects the flowering nature of the Dahlia plant .

Dahlia growing season in India is from mid January to April.


Dahlia flower comes from small size upto 5cm (2inches) to as large as your table plate of size 30cm.The plant consists of one head per stem.

There are many hybrid varieties of Dahlia flowers that vary in sizes and colors.

Dahlia loves a moist and sunny climate which needs 5-6 hrs of sunlight for its full bloom.It is grown as an annual plant in cold areas, where after first frost itS bulbs are dug up and stored in winter.

Dahlia needs support  structure for its stem to prevent it from bending due to its flower weight or as in some of the variety stem grows upto a height of 1.5 meter.


Dahlia propagation done through Dahlia bulbs.The Dahlia bulbs should be chosen on the basis of where it has to be grown ,if for the border of your garden then select a long stem variety with large size flower blooms but if you want to grow it in a container then better to select dwarf varieties of dahlia.The small dahlia plant to plant distance will be 30cm apart but the big dahlias should be 1m apart so as to prevent the suppress of their growth.

Dahlia flower plant requires well drained soil, with enough fertilizers requirement.And watering should be done once or twice per week.Over Watering should not be done during Dahlia bulbs germination as it will cause rot.


Dahlia comes in different types of floret varieties some are like







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