How To Grow Dahlia Bulbs in Containers

by Sadabahar Greens Pvt. Ltd.

Most of the plant lovers want to decorate their garden with the variety of dahlia flower.But unable to grow it because of having less space as the most problematic thing about growing dahlia is that its stem can go upto 4feet of height and required minimum 24 inches of gap between two bulbs.


There are various dwarf or miniature varieties of dahlia flower plant available in the market which can be easily planted in a pot of size 12 to 14 inches wide and deep.

These varieties will be easily planted in the balcony of your home and bloom throughout the late-summer season.

Some of the dwarf dahlia varieties are-

  • Dahlia flower plants Urban plants LITTLE ROBERT-This dwarf variety magenta color on adorable florets attracts everyone.
  • MELODY HARMONY-Melody harmony is a gorgeous variety having pink color florets with pale-yellow heart.
  • GALLERY BELLINI-This variety grows upto 14 inch of height in a pot.


  1. First of all select bulbs which are showing some green sprout as it is considered good.Don't use wrinkled or rotten one.
  2. Take pot size as 12 to 14 inches deep and wide which will be best for growing dahlia.
  3. Grow maximum 2 bulbs of dwarf varieties in each pot.
  4. Plant a bulb 2-3 inches deep, pointing side in upward direction and cover it with soil.
  5. Water and keep the pot where proper sunlight is falling on it. Make sure not to overwater as that causes bulbs to rot.
  6. After sprouts come out of ground level,then application of fertilizer should be done.
  7. Keep plants in full sunlight for 6-7hrs.

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