How to Grow Crocosmia Bulbs in the Garden

by Sadabahar Greens Pvt. Ltd.

Lucifer Crocosmia is a festive and beautiful flower that will add a touch of color to your home. It’s important to keep your crocosmia bulbs in the right environment in order to maintain the best display. There are a few different ways to display your crocosmia bulbs, but the best way is to use a glass vase. Make sure you place the vase on a flat surface and fill it with water before placing your crocosmia bulbs inside. The water will help keep your flowers fresh and vibrant.

How to Grow Crocosmia Bulbs in the Garden Urban PlantsCrocosmia care

Full Sun

Water: Low Water

Mature spread: 30–35" tall

Mid- to late-summer bloom period

Flower bulb size: 10–12 cm

Planting Care Suggestions

Crocosmia are relatively easy to grow from corms or as small plants purchased from a nursery or garden center. They can be purchased as dormant corms throughout the fall and winter and planted immediately. Plant the corm about three inches deep.How to Grow Crocosmia Bulbs in the Garden Urban Plants

Problems with Lucifer Crocosmia

Crocosmias have few problems to worry about, although the red spider mites can be troublesome, especially in dry areas and during hot, dry summers. Infestations of red spider mites on Crocosmia will cause intense yellowing of the foliage.

 Garden Care: Plant corms (bulbs) about 8–10 cm deep and 15–20 cm apart in spring. Resist removing wilted foliage in the fall and cover the crown of the tree with bark chips to protect the tree from frost damage. Lift and divide crowded colonies in spring, planting the divided sections 8–10 cm (3–4 in) deep.

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