How to Dispose of Yard Waste in 4 Ways

by Sadabahar Greens Pvt. Ltd.

Many disposal yards in India have yard waste collection sites or composting centers that accept organic materials from the public. Hauling your yard waste to one of these designated areas is an inexpensive and easy solution. All you’ll need is a way to transport the load of Garden waste.

Schedule a One-Time Pick-Up

If you only need a one-time yard waste solution, a scheduled pick-up. Some cities have an annual curbside clean-up day by collecting yard waste. If your city doesn’t offer that option or the timing doesn’t line up with your project, you could schedule a pick-up through a garden waste management india.

Choose a Junk Removal Service


The one downside of a curbside pickup is that you have to gather the yard waste and carry it to the curb for disposal. To save yourself extra time and energy, pick a junk removal service. A team will do all the heavy lifting for you before hauling it away in India in the name of swachh bharat it collects the green waste which is garden and plastic waste you can dump your garden waste in green waste. 

Subscribe to a Regular Garden waste Pickup Service

In addition to the on-demand service, you may consider a regularly scheduled pickup garden waste service. You rent a separate trash bin that is designated for organic garden waste, and set it out on the curb for pickup alongside your regular trash and recycling compost bins. The scheduled day may be weekly or bi-weekly depending on the company and plan you choose for the waste pit.

Burn Your Yard Waste

Sticks and logs of plants and trees can make decent firewood. Burning yard waste is most common in areas without easy access to the composting process or waste management in India. However, the practice increases pollution and the risk of wildfire. The legality of burning yard waste also varies based on your location, and season so if you go with this option, be sure to check your local laws ahead of time.
Ensure that you have any necessary permits and that you follow all safety regulations before proceeding with yard waste burning and bonfires. Don’t burn garbage or other unsafe items with garden waste. You may also want to consider recycling or reusing your yard waste for further composting processes.


If you are unable to find any dump yard near your location and if you are not taking risk to dump you can make your compost at your home. I'll recommend a composter inbuilt vertical garden which is multi functional equipment which works effectively while processing both composting and plant. The best feature of it is self fertilizing with inbuilt composter attached with planter that is available at Urban plants

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