How to create bonsai of fruit plants?

by Sadabahar Greens Pvt. Ltd.

Have you ever seen a dwarf fruit plant in healthy condition with loads of fruits on its branches? Yes that is what a bonsai trees looks like however the tree looks dwarf not due to its genetic constituent but because of regular pruning which maintains is dwarf size.

Bonsai fruit trees are a good option for urban gardeners, as with less space for gardening the wish of growing own farm fresh fruits can be easily fulfilled. Let’s get started and look at some essential things and steps required to grow bonsai tree in you own garden. Crabapple , pomegranate , cherry and citrus are common bonsai trees you can grow at your home.

 Material required

  • A good container is prequisite for bonsai trees, make sure it should be shallow and its diameter should be 1/3’rd of the height of tree along with good drainage holes.[ for depth of pot you first have to measure the length of tree with the help of inch-tape]
  • The medium for the growth of your bonsai tree i.e soil, make sure it consist of good mix of potting soil and peat compost along with mix sand, bark pieces and garden clay.
  • Place some miniature rocks around your plant so that it gets support from sideways because of roots expanding exponentially in later stages of growth.
  • A bonsai toolkit.


Planting of tree

  • First place the soil mixture in the bottom of the pot along with some miniature rocks.
  • Then place your tree with its roots cotained at one place and fill the container with remaining soil.
  • Water your tree thoroughly until excess water begins to drain.
  • Mix the potted soil with mulch so that moisture remains in.


Care for bonsai tree

  • In the intial stages of growth make sure to water the tree twice daily.
  • The bonsai tree should receive lot of direct sunlight essential for its growth.
  • After a few months of growth use your bonsai toolkit to prune your tree in your desired shape and style with proper care.
  • If the leaves appear yellow or roots dried after some time repot your bonsai in a bigger pot.


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