How To Care Of Caladium Plant

by Sadabahar Greens Pvt. Ltd.
Choosing the right place,soil,and fertilizer for caladium can be a tough job. Here we have made your job easy by giving all important guiding tips for caladium care.

Caladium-Urban-PlantsCaladium plant is a tropical region plant famous for its stunning variegated leaves in heart-shape with different mixtures of colors which you should consider to add in your home garden as it will compete with the flowering plants.


Caladiums, an indoor plant,thrives best when kept in bright but indirect sunlight which has lots of humidity around there.Caladium leaves are very sensitive for direct intense sunlight as it causes scorching of leaves.It should be planted in the spring season.Caladium plant propagate through its bulbs.The caladium bulbs should be healthy and having more numbers of tubers in it as it will allow more number of foliage to come which will enhance its looks.


Caladium soil should be well drained and even moisture content within soil,which helps to prevent drying of leaves.


Caladium-Urban-PlantsDon’t overwater caladium plants as that will rot the tubers,water it when soil seems slightly dry after touching it.


Caladium plant is a heavily feeder plant so it requires more fertilizer as compared to the other plants.So make sure to fertilize it on a periodic basis.

Most indoor plants will grow properly when they are fed with seaweed extract or well decomposed compost.


  • Caterpillars
  • Grasshoppers
  • Aphids
  • Mealy bugs

These major pests of caladium can damage its leaves and petioles.Treat plants with neem oil solution periodically.And if still pests problem is not going try to separate it from other plants for proper air passage.And spray with required insecticides on both sides of leaves in a diluted form.

Some of the gorgeous caladium cultivar bulbs are available on urban plants , which will definitely help you to choose according to you.

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