How To Care Of Begonia Plant

by Sadabahar Greens Pvt. Ltd.

Begonia Flower Plant Urban plants Begonia flower is a perennial,tropical climate plant which has rose-like flowers with a variety of colors and a beautiful texture of foliage.Begonia thrives best in a shady environment that makes it best for indoor plantation. 

Begonia may propagate by leaf,stem and tubers which are also called bulbs.If you want a plant which beautifies your home with its gorgeous flowers and at the time of non-flowering with its amazing foliage texture,then begonia plant will be the best choice.

This plant needs little care and can do very well.



Begonia flower plants Urban plants Begonia thrives best in well drained soil which consists of Coco peat,sand or peat moss etc.potting mix should not be too soggy as begonia plants sensitive to the waterlogged and dies because of root rot.


Begonia plants prefer morning and evening sunlight as intense sunlight may cause scorching of leaves and flowers.So if your plant is in a pot make sure to keep it at the place where bright but indirect sunlight is coming.


Begonia loves moist soil but overwatering will cause root rot.Make sure to water the plant when soil seems dry enough.


Apply well decomposed compost periodically once within two weeks.


Begonia is mainly susceptible to the powdery mildew disease, which is a fungal disease that affects the leaf part of the plant.

To prevent begonia from the disease avoid watering by wetting foliage part of the plant.

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