How to Care for It Bougainvillaea in Pots

by Sadabahar Greens Pvt. Ltd.

Bougainvillea plant Urban plants Bougainvilleas are bright shrubs with leaves and blooms that are reasonably easy to grow and ideal for adding colour to your yard. They are sensitive to chilly temperatures in the winter months and require full sunlight, so keep an eye on them, especially in the early phases of growth.


The heat is a boon to Bougainvilleas! They need at least six hours of direct sunlight per day to thrive and can withstand even the hottest summers. Make sure your plant is in direct sunlight if you want it to produce a lot of blossoms. When bougainvillaeas don't bloom, it's usually because they don't get enough light, which makes the plant appear thin and sparse.


Bougainvilleas in pots need to be watered on a regular basis. You should water your plant at least once a week during the summer months. If the temperature rises above 100 degrees Fahrenheit, water your flowers twice a week to keep them hydrated. During the winter months, you’ll only need to water them every 2-3 weeks.


Bougainvillea Plant Care Urban plants Bougainvilleas are tropical plants that like to grow in hotter environments. Established vines, on the other hand, can endure cooler temperatures in the winter. However, because bougainvillaeas thrive in hardiness zones 9 and above, we recommend bringing your potted plant inside if temperatures drop below 30 degrees.


Bougainvilleas are considered somewhat harmful to pets due to the sap they generate. The leaves aren't poisonous, but a single scratch from one of the thorns can cause skin diseases or allergic reactions, so keep a check on your dogs!

Pests & Problems

Aphids, thrips, spider mites, slugs, and caterpillars can occasionally be attracted to bougainvillaeas, despite the fact that they are usually pest-free.


Like many other plants, bougainvilleas can be susceptible to common diseases such as root rot, leaf spots and nutrient deficiencies.


Because bougainvillaeas are noted for their rapid growth, it's important to repot them on a frequent basis to keep them from outgrowing their containers. When repotting your plant, follow these steps:

  • Grab the stem towards the base of the plant and pull it out.
  • With the pot turned on its side, slide the bougainvillaea out of the container.
  • Remove any remaining debris by rinsing the pot or container with new water.
  • Fill the new container halfway with potting soil and gently place the plant inside.
  • Keep the soil moist by watering lightly.


Cut stems that are at least 6 inches long and fill a pot with peat and perlite for propagation. Remove any residual leaves from the cutting and place it in the soil mixture (approximately 1-2 inches deep).

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