How much time Required to Bear Alphonso mango fruits from tree

by Sadabahar Greens Pvt. Ltd.
Alphonso-Mango-tree-Urban-PlantsAlphonso's mangoes generally require high temperatures and climate conditions to grow healthy. The temperature should not drop below 4 degree Celsius at places wherein Alphonso mango trees are planted. Newly germinated Alphonso mango plants require bright but indirect sunlight. After the tree turns 3–4 years old, they grow on their own. They need to be Alphonso Mango Tree plantation on the ground which has enough water supply and direct sun rays. A young Alphonso mango tree requires a good amount of natural sunlight, at least six hours of sun per day. Alphonso Mango trees completely bloom no earlier than 5–6 years from the time of planting. Alphonso Mango trees generally start growing fruits within three years. However, the tree might bear only a handful of fruits during the initial years. Only after 5–6 years of its existence, the Alphonso mango tree starts bearing more and more fruits.


How to plant an Alphonso Mango tree?

  • Firstly, take a completely ripened Alphonso mango and cut it down. Don’t damage the seed, while talking out pulp
  • Wash the Alphonso Mango seed nicely with water and then keep it under sun to dry
  • After allowing the Alphonso Mango seed to dry for a few days, take a sharp knife and cut the seed carefully from edges
  • Open the Alphonso Mango seed cover with the sharp blade/knife. Do not damage the inside part of the mango seed
  • Remove the Alphonso Mango seed and throw the upper husk away
  • The inside part of the Mango seed is of kidney-shape, having whitish green appearance
  • Now take an Alphonso Mango Tree Plantation container and fill it with healthy soil. Make enough holes on the pot which can pass out the excessive water in the pot. 

Once you add enough soil for planting, take the mango seed and place it in the middle. Make a little hole in the soil and place the seed inside that hole. Place the Alphonso mango seed in such a way, wherein eye part has an upward facing

Now take a pinch or two of turmeric powder and spray it near the Alphonso Mango seed. This helps the Alphonso Mango seed germinate faster and keeps it healthy. Now take a little soil in your hands and spray them on the seed. Try to loosely cover the seed with a little bit of soil in a container. Keep this plant container where sun rays reach every day. Keep watering the container daily. During the initial days, you need to spray a little amount of water. Excessive water can spoil the germinating seed inside soil. Consider taking medium temperature and climatic conditions and water. The Alphonso Mango seed should be germinated within a few weeks of span. Nurture the

Alphonso plant and protect it from any type of external damage
Once this plant turns 2-3 year-old, you can shift it to an outdoor location that has enough space, water supply and sun rays. Water the plant daily and wait for a few years. It will bear fruits during summers. 

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