How compost prepared in Garden bags

by Sadabahar Greens Pvt. Ltd.

Compost is “organic material that can be added to soil mix to help plants grow.” It’s also a great way to return essential nutrients to the soil mix of your plants.
That can be sprinkled on lawns, around trees and bushes as mulch and instead of soil mix for your houseplants. What’s more, with around 30% of landfill space taken up with yard waste and food scraps (perfect material for composting process), creating it is how you can do your part in alleviating overly-stressed landfill space which works better in garden waste management.

Make Compost


Making compost in a garden bag ( anaerobic method of composting) is by far the simplest way to make compost. It’s free, requires no tools and you probably already have all the materials in your home to start making garden bags compost.

Material Required:

  • Two thick garden bags; 100-120 kg bags are a perfect size.
  • One part of “brown” material (dead leaves, wood chips, small twigs, coffee filters, shredded paper, cardboard or newspaper, straw, old and dried flowers).
  • One part of “green” (fruit and grass clippings, vegetable scraps, tea and coffee grounds).
  • One part of the soil mix (including some finished compost to get the process going).
  • Required water to dampen the mixture.

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