Here Are Best Indoor Plants That Give Positive Energy

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India is a country of many diverse cultures and climates. The country's population is spread out over its vast geography, so there is a large amount of pollution in the air. This pollution can have serious health consequences for the people living in India. Indoor plants are an excellent way to combat pollution and increase the oxygen in a room. They also help freshen the air and provide an aesthetic feel to any room they are placed in.

Indoor plants have been found to have a positive effect on mood, physical health, and mental health. Plants release oxygen, which is essential for human survival.Here Are Best Indoor Plants That Give Positive Energy Urban Plants

They also release carbon dioxide, which is helpful for the absorption of oxygen in the body. It has also been found that plants in the home can help reduce stress and anxiety levels by acting as a natural form of therapy. While spending a few minutes in nature can de-stress and relax you, imagine the impact nature can have on your living space!

1.Peace Lily.

According to Feng Shui, this plant is a symbol of peace and tranquility.

  • Why should you buy it?

The peace lily improves air quality in your home by neutralizing harmful indoor gasses. It is also known as the harbinger of peace as it improves the flow of positive energy. It can also be grown in water.

  • How to take care of it?;

Light - Prefers light partial shade

Water – once a week to keep the soil moist. Sensitive to chlorine

Container Size - They don't like to sit in pots much larger than their root ball

2.Money Plant.Here Are Best Indoor Plants That Give Positive Energy Urban Plants

Evergreen indoor plants are a great addition to any home. It helps to bring in positive energy and can improve the overall mood. It can also be used to attract money and prosperity.

  • How to take care of it?

Keep the soil evenly moist but not wet.

Do not over water.

Prune in late winter or early spring when growth is slowing.

Remove any dead or damaged leaves in late winter or early spring.


3.Lucky Bamboo.

The lucky bamboo plant is one of the most popular feng shui cures that bring luck and prosperity to the place where it is grown. It is also known to increase the flow of positive energy in the home and office if placed in the right direction.

  • Easy Care tips

Keep your lucky bamboo watered regularly.

Give it sunlight and a warm environment. 

Lucky bamboo loves sunlight and warm temperatures, so make sure to give it plenty of both.


 4.Aloe Vera.

Aloe Vera plant is a great source of positivity. Actually, it is considered as one of the best indoor plants that requires a lot of water, indirect sunlight and can be placed in any corner of your home to fight negative energy and bad luck.

  • Easy Care tips

Light - bright, indirect sunlight or artificial light

Water - The soil should be completely dry before watering

Container – A wide and deep pot of terra-cotta or similar porous material with drainage holes.



 5.The bedroom plantHere Are Best Indoor Plants That Give Positive Energy Urban Plants

Recently, snake plants have gained a lot of recognition as one of the most preferred indoor plants for positive energy. The main reason is the dual benefits it offers. First, it absorbs particulates and VOCs from the environment, creating a healthier environment. Second, it emits happy vibes and attracts positive energy with its vibrant


  • How to take care of it?

First, be sure to water them regularly.

Second, do not overwater them.

Third, be sure to fertilize them occasionally.

Fourth, be sure to remove any dead leaves or flowers.

Fifth, be sure to keep them in a warm, humid environment.

Sixth, be sure to keep them away from sunlight.

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