Have you heard about tiger Lily plant?

by Sadabahar Greens Pvt. Ltd.

Most people refer to this lily flower as an orange lily flower or a tiger Lily which is also called daylily because it is a wild flower and commonly found in America. There is much confusion about the Lily because Oriental varieties  are similar. The major difference between the Oriental variety and tiger Lily is that Oriental Tiger Lilyi is propagated through a bulb whereas wild flower Tiger Lily is propagated by tuberose roots. It has edible roads and is used for medicinal purposes. 

What are the multiple uses of lily flowers?

There are multiple uses of Lily 

  1. Lily bulbs Urban plants It acts as an air purifier and  prevents health related issues.
  2. Beautifies your room and it is a low maintenance plant. 
  3. Prevents mildew formation. 
  4. Absorb Acetone vapours. 
  5. Great bathroom plant. 
  6. Safe house plant as it does not contain toxic compounds.

What is stargazer Lily? 

It is a well known and popular type of Lily named as stargazer  due to its star shaped flower and Flame like color. It is easy to grow. Required full sunlight in the morning time and shade in afternoon. The soil should be well drained and dry quickly after rain. It should be planted in Early Spring through bulbs. Water it only when the soil becomes dry. Too much water will harm the roots of the plant and roots become susceptible to pests. 

Stargazer lily flowers 

Stargazer lily flowers are generally of pink flame and white coloured which are extremely attractive and possess fragrance as well as beautifies  the area wherever planted.

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