Guava tree Pruning Conditions with Plant Care

by Sadabahar Greens Pvt. Ltd.

Small guava plant pruning Urban plants Guava tree fruit are tropical to subtropical and may achieve 20 feet about 6 m in height. Growing guava plant requires cold protection, and is not suitable outdoors in most zones of the United States. Dwarf Guava plants must have shelter from freezing winds, even in sunny warm climates where occasional icy temperatures occur.

Guava Tree Pruning 

  • Guava tree pruning Urban plants The shape of guava tree branches is readily. 
  • If you are growing your guava tree in a shrub-like form, you don’t have to prune away the lower sucker shoots. However, most prefer to keep them in guava tree-form so they don’t spread out of control.
  • When removing sucker shoots, take them off as close to the base of the guava tree as possible. 
  • Light pruning of the canopy will open it up to full sunlight and airflow. Guava fruit trees develop on new shoots from mature wood, so be careful not to remove all new growth.
  • If maintaining a guava tree to a certain height, do heavy pruning in the late winter every other year to keep it in the desired height range. Make sure to cut above any visible budding points when possible, as that’s where future growth will develop.
  • A single-trunked tree with at least three or four lateral branches will form a nice, appealing canopy shape of Guava plant. 
  • Guava fruit tree pruning should also be done to remove damaged or diseased branches as needed. Whenever pruning, use sterilized pruning shears or loppers to prevent disease spread of Guava Fruit.

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