Guava tree Growing Tips and Plant care

by Sadabahar Greens Pvt. Ltd.

Guava plantation care Urban plants Guava trees produce white guavas, 1-inch about 2.5 cm flowers that yield small round, oval, or pear-shaped guava fruits. These are more accurately berries with soft flesh, which may be white, yellow, pink, or even red, and which vary in taste from acidic, sour to sweet, and rich depending on the variety. Guava plants thrive in any soil with well-draining conditions and full sun for best flowering and fruit production. 

Check with following condition while growing Dwarf Guava plant 

Since the Guava tree belongs to tropical and subtropical regions, it prefers a warm and sunny location to thrive. Small Guava plants like to grow within 15-30° C (59-86 °F) temperature with 80-100cm annual rainfall. Once established guava tree becomes hardy to high temperatures and drought conditions.
The small guava plant adapts well in all kinds of soil. But, it does good in a well-draining condition and sandy loam to clay loam soil with 6.5-7.5 pH.
The young small guava plants need evenly moist soil, especially during the flowering period for optimized growth. Reduce the rate during winters and monsoons, as overwatering will invite fungal and other diseases. Once the small guava tree is mature, it does not need watering and can dwell on rainwater only.
Mulching the soil around the bed of the guava plant, with organic matter or compost, helps in keeping the temperature even and prevents water loss.
You should prune Dwarf guava plants, after the harvest, for maintaining good shape and encouraging growth. Snip off 10-15 cm lengthy shoots that are crossing each other after harvesting the guava tree. Also, make sure to eliminate dead and broken branches from the guava tree.
Use farmyard manure or well-decomposed cow dung manure for accelerating guava plant growth. Apply guava tree fertilizer twice a year, one during June-July and secondly during October. Also, if the plant is not bearing fruits, supplement the guava plant with 6:6:6:2 fertilizer as per the instructions on the label.

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