Growing Information And Tips For Pothos Plants

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Golden pathos Urban plants In tropical rainforests, Epipremnum aureum is a trailing, leafy vine that can grow up to 40 feet long. Because it grows on tree trunks, its genus name is derived from the Greek words epi (meaning upon) and premnon (meaning trunk).
The pothos plant is normally kept to a height of six to ten feet inside. Its bright, glossy leaves have a distinct pointed heart shape and are frequently green or variegated in white, yellow, or pale green. Although they rarely flower or produce berries, especially indoors, some varieties can produce tiny, petalless white flowers with small berries.
Pothos, often known as devil's ivy, can be cultivated in hanging baskets or as a desk plant. They are a popular choice for workplace situations because they assist to filter the air and are fluorescent light tolerant. When cultivated in your home or business, these plants can also assist to purify the air.

Pothos Plant Overview

Pathos plant care Urban plants Most of us, or at least those of us who don't have a green thumb, prefer easy-to-care-for indoor plants. We're in luck, as it turns out. The pothos plant is both elegant and hardy, giving it the title of "easiest houseplant to cultivate." Pothos are endemic to the Solomon Islands' understory forest, although they can adapt to a wide range of growth circumstances outside of their normal tropical home.

Pothos: How to Grow It

Pothos are frequently listed as one of the easiest plants to reproduce due to their hardiness and ability to grow in both bright and dim light. Starting with a little plant cutting, propagation can lead to a totally new, large pothos plant.

Should I mist my pothos? 

No, as a rule of thumb. Pothos don't usually need to be misted. Setting a pothos on a pebble tray will help to improve humidity surrounding the plant throughout the winter months. Misting the plant will not help it stay properly watered or humidified, and it may even increase the danger of pest infestation.


Pothos can tolerate moderate temperatures ranging from 55 – 85℉, however they are tropical plants and so prefer high humidity and temperatures of 70 – 90℉.

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