Gir Kesar Mango Pruning and Care Tips

by Sadabahar Greens Pvt. Ltd.

The ‘Gir Kesar’ is Kesar mango other name, is a mango cultivar grown in the foothills of Girnar in Gujarat, western India. \The mango is known for its bright orange color pulp and was given the geographical indication status. The biggest market of Gir Kesar is in Talala Gir as a Mango Market Yard. 

Care of & Pruning Mango Tree


Your Kesar mango tree will need weekly watering during its first three years of growth. After this, you’ll only need to water it during extended periods of drought, the kesar. It’s not necessary to water during fall or winter seasons. In the early years of growth, you can create a framework of lateral branches by Kesar plant pruning. Do this after harvesting the mangoes to increase the amount of fruit your tree produces.
When pruning, choose a few of the upper branches each year and use loppers to remove them back to their original join point (crotch) of Kesar Mango plant. It is better to keep your tree to a maximum of 15 feet, about 5m left to its own devices it may grow up to 30 feet. You can fertilize your mango tree with a liquid organic seaweed fertilizer as the fruit begins to form on the tree and again as the fruit matures

  • The Kesar mango tree is a long-lived one.
  • The mango tree is evergreen - with a dense canopy.
  • Plants should be plant at a minimum distance of 8 -10 meters between two plants. 
  • Mango trees require full sunlight to fruit well. 
  • Mango tree will grow in lesser light but not fruit well or may not fruit at all.
  • Mango is a fruit of Indian origin.
  • Kesar Mango are delicious, nutritious and wholesome. 

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