Gifts for house warming function

by Sadabahar Greens Pvt. Ltd.

We always want to give something best and antique on the housewarming function of our relatives and known ones to showcase our direction. So here we are with some best housewarming gifts under 150 rupees.

Jasmine plant

Housewarmings is the chance of making your homes as of your wishes from the very starting so you can add beautiful sense stimulating & fragrant flowers in your balcony, therefore jasmines are one of the most best plant to gift someone who is excited for housewarming function. 


It is one of the best and unique plants to give someone on their house warming. The yellow orchid especially represents friendship and togetherness and it can be the best gift for someone’s new beginning too. Also these plants are so lovable as they don't require high maintenance. 


Succulent is generally the best miniature gift when it comes out over plants, these plants come under 50+ varieties so you can go with any of them to give to someone. These plants are low maintenance and can make a very beautiful green ambience in your home. You can plant them in any corner of your home.

Bamboo plant

Stalks of bamboo plants represent something special, such as three stalks of bamboo represent happiness, wealth, luck and prosperity. Also they are having very high ornamental value among all other plants so you can gift them to your friends & loved ones on their house warming function for good luck and prosperity.

Money plant

It is believed that money plants are the symbol of fortune among the plant species and you can’t miss them if you are thinking of giving someone plants on their housewarming to wish your loved one a great fortune.

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