Eco-friendly Corporate Gifts For Employees

by Sadabahar Greens Pvt. Ltd.

India is a country where everyday is a celebration day. And there is a culture of festival to exchange gifts with relatives, friends, family and loved ones. Even the Company's owner gift their employees a corporate gift set on the occasion of Diwali, Holi, Independence day etc. Most of the corporate gifts include office used stuffs like thermo glass water bottle, diary, Pen, laptop or mouse pad, or office table gift items.

But if you are  a plant lover and want to give your employees eco-friendly gifts on different occasions, on receiving that it brings a big smile on their face and helps them to decrease their stress level and relax their mind and body. Then you should consider green gifts that include plant gift ideas.

Succulent Plant Gifts

If you want to gift a plant which makes everyone fall in love with its looks and requires little care and maintenance and survive even in the air conditioned office room. Then choosing succulents is a smarter idea. The most popular succulents include HaworthiaEcheveria varieties, dwarf snake plantjade plant etc will looking amazing on their tabletop.

Gifting mini potted succulents with the other stuff will surely make them happy.

Pen Holder With Succulent pot

Gifting a pen holder with a small succulents  potted plant attached will surely help them to decorate their office table.

Many employees love to have plants on their office table so that by seeing that they feel relaxed and which helps them to decrease their stress during work.

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