Domino Peace Lily Growing Information

by Samin Rizvi

Do you want to grow a Peace Lily with a twist? Check out Domino Peace Lily Growing Information to add a stunning foliage indoors!

What differentiates Domino Peace Lily is the stunning varigation on its foliage. It also has spots and splashes of white on its glossy green foliage, whereas the peace lily has a plain green leaves. Domino also has more elongated spathes and it also makes for an excellent air purifying indoor plant. Lets have a look at the Domino Peace Lily Growing Information!

Domino Peace Lily Growing Information

Domino Peace Lily is a tropical, evergreen plant that thrives best on the forest floor where it can receive the dappled sunlight, and also the moisture would remain consistent. If you can replicate these growing conditions at home, it would give you the key to having a happy and healthy peace lily.

With the right amount of light, this plant can bear white-off-white-colored flowers from early summer throughout the year.

Propagating Domino Peace Lily

The best way to propogate domino peace lily is by division.

  • Carefully, take out the mother plant from the pot enitrely. Make sure you are not hurting the plant in the process. Tape the sides of the pot to free the roots.
  • Using a sanitized shear or knife, divide the plant by taking a crown section away. Make sure that division has 2-3 leaves with a roots attached.
  • You are done! Plant the division in a pot flled with a potting mix. Water moderately and keep them at a spot that gets bright, indirect light.

Right Container for Growing Domino Peace Lily

This flowering plant is perfectly happy to live and grow in 6-8 inches pots. You can choose either terracotta or a ceramic container but it is best recommended to go with the terracotta as it helps in retaining moisture. Make sure it has a drainage hole at the bottom.

Growing Requirements of Domino Peace Lily


It grows best indoors as it requires a cool shady place to thrive well. An east-facing window would be a great spot where it can get 3-4 hours of the morning sun. Keep your plant away from any air vents of your heating units or the air conditioners. The plant prefers a tropical climate to grow and humidity is a must.


Add perlite, sand, composted bark, well-rotted compost, peat, or any other organic matter in the growing medium.


Domino Peace Lilies prefer to grow in evenly moist soil. When growing outdoors, you can keep the soil lightly moist consistently but be careful to not overwater them.

Check the soil’s top layer to see if it feels dry to the touch and when you are sure it is, only then water it thoroughly.


To bring in a similar tropical forest kind of environment, it is very important to maintain warm and humid conditions indoors. You need to spritz the plant’s foliage on a regular basis. Please make sure to fill your spray bottle with dechlorinated water.

You can even choose to install a humidifier around the peace lily when the air gets drier. Learn more info on ways to increase the humidity for houseplants.


Domino Peace Lily loves moist warmth. The ideal temperature range for the plant is 65-80 F or 18-26 C. Avoid any cold drafts near the plant and do not let the temperature drop below 55 F or 12 C.

Domino Peace Lily Care


For flowers and the best growth, you need to fertilize the peace lilies every 15-20 days in the summer. Avoid fertilizing during the winters. A 20-20-20 liquid houseplant fertilizer diluted to half or quarter strength is best.


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