Do Peace Lilies Like to be Root Bound?

by Samin Rizvi

Do Peace Lilies Like to be Root Bound? Do you really need to be in hurry to re-pot them? Find out everything in detail in this article!

great houseplants with glossy green foliage and white bracts. They are not just eye-candy but are also low-maintenance, need low light, and are just overall stunning plants to keep at home. One of the key factors to keep them healthy is taking care of the root system. Do Peace Lilies Like to be Root Bound? Let’s find out!

Do Peace Lilies Like to be Root Bound?

The short answer to this question is – Yes. Never be in a hurry to re-pot your peace lilies unless the plant shows signs like drooping and deformed leaves.

  • Always make sure that the growing medium is well-draining.
  • The plant will develop spathes more quickly and effectively while being in a root-bound stage. This saves the energy that it will otherwise use to develop more leaves and the plant uses it on developing spathes.
  • Slightly root bound peace lilies will also absorb water more readily, eliminating the chances of root rot.
  • While being root bound, the plant will divert its energy in growing more pups too.
  • It is essential that you never place the plant in a larger container, as it can cause waterlogging that may kill the plant.

Important Things to Remember

  • If the roots are seeping out through drainage holes, and you notice yellow leaves, then these are the common signs that indicate peace lily needs to be transplanted.
  • Take out the plant from the container and loosen up the root ball. Prune damaged roots, and transfer the plant to a new pot that is only a size bigger than the previous one.
  • Always use a new growing medium while re-potting.
  • The average period in which repotting is done ranges every one to two years.

When to Re-pot Peace Lillies?

If the plant is in this condition, like it is shown in the above picture, then you have to re-pot it into a size bigger pot. Also, plant the pups in separate pots to make more plants!

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