DIY Mason Jar Herb Garden | Step by Step Tutorial

by Samin Rizvi

Have plentiful fresh seasonal herbs by growing them in an attractive DIY Mason Jar Herb Garden! Here’s a step by step tutorial!

If you’ve some mason jars, use them to create a DIY Mason Jar Herb Garden like this to flavor your food. Plant your favorite herbs and place this vertical garden on your kitchen windowsill or keep it in a balcony!

DIY Mason Jar Herb Garden

Required Materials

  • Mason Jars
  • Rocks/Pebbles
  • Potting Mix
  • Potting Charcoal
  • Herbs

1. Add Pebbles in the Jar

Add a 1-2 inches bottom layer of small pebbles in the jar.

2. Add Charcoal & Potting mix

Add charcoal and then potting mix to the jar. Be careful not to fill up the jar to the brim.

3. Ready for Planting Herbs

This is how the three-layers will look and help in the proper drainage for the herbs. Since this mason jar planter has no drainage holes, you’ll need to be precise about watering. Water only when soil seems dry.

5. Potting Herbs in Jar

Put the baby herb plants of your choice carefully in the jar without causing any harm and cover the roots with soil properly.

6. Painting the Wooden Box

Painting the wooden box in your choice of color will make it look more appealing!

7. Glue the Markers In Place

With the help of glue, paste the name tags in equal distance.

8. Label the Name Tags

Write the names of the herbs and place the jars inside. This will help you to identify the herbs at a glance. You can keep the box near a window or anywhere with proper light and air.


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