DIY Closed Terrarium Ideas | How to Make a Closed Terrarium

by Samin Rizvi

Small and covered Terrariums are great for decoration and gardening in tight spaces! Here are some low-maintenance DIY Closed Terrarium Ideas!

Plants bring a new lease of life indoors. If you are running low on space but still want to grow them, these DIY Closed Terrarium Ideas are going to be a perfect choice. They not only serve as ornamental pieces but also allow you to grow plants in a creative and fun way!

DIY Closed Terrarium Ideas!

1. Terrarium Basics

Grow your favorite plants in a container to have a green space in your house. There is no limitation as to what you can use as a container. It can be anything glass with a lid!

2. Glass Jar Terrarium

Have a heritage glass jar? This closed terrarium idea could be an ornamental add-on to your indoor garden.

3. Beautiful DIY Terrarium

For a closed terrarium, you should choose plants that like moist and humid surrounding. Get a closed container, pebbles, activated charcoal, and plants.

4. Terrarium Guide

This guide has everything in detail you need to know before DIYing a terrarium.

5. DIY Closed Terrarium

Containers change but the steps remain the same for creating a terrarium. Experiment with the decoration using fairy ornaments or other little figurines! 

6. How-to Terrarium

7. Basics of Closed Terrariums

Learn the basics of creating and perpetuating a closed terrarium with this guide 

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