Different Types Of Bird Feeders In Garden

by Sadabahar Greens Pvt. Ltd.

 If you are someone , who loves birds and want them to visit your garden periodically , birdfeeders could prove a perfect option for you as it allows you to view such beautiful birds closely . Here are list of some ultra low cost birdfeeders which will add massive value to your garden –



Bird Feeders Types:

  • Bottle birdfeeders – 

Old bottles can prove an excellent birdfeeder , just carefully make holes in the side of the bottle so that it can hang in your garden with a help of wire or rope .

  • Shoe feeder -

You can use your old shoe as well to make a birdfeeder , just nail the shoe from its back side and fill all the bird food in the shoe.

  • Teacup poles –

You can have a separate corner for tea-cup birdfeeders in your garden , just attach teacups to saucers and place both of them on a pole apart from this you can also hang it . They add great aesthetic to your garden , enjoy a cup of tea in your garden along with your favorite companion who are enjoying in their cup.



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