Different Sapota varieties In India

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The important and widely adopted Sapota varieties in India are Kali Patli and Cricket Ball (Calcutta Large). The other varieties in India are pili patti, Bangalore, Baramati, Dwarapudi, and Chhatri, etc.

Sapota varieties in India 

Cricket Ball: Also called 'Calcutta Large' bears large round fruits. The pulp is gritty and granular and sweet fruit.
Kalipatti: It has dark green broad and also thick chiku leaves. These chiku fruits are oval-shaped with sweet pulpy pulp.
Pala: It is a very popular variety in Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. The sapota fruits are very small to medium with oval or egg shape borne in clusters. 
Kirthibarti: It is a popular variety in Andhra Pradesh. The chiku fruits are medium-sized, oval and the peel is rough and thick.
Baramasi: It is a popular variety in Bihar, West Bengal, and Uttar Pradesh. The sapota fruits are medium-sized and round.
Pilipatti: This Sapota variety has unique small fruits found in Maharashtra and Gujarat. These sapota fruits are oblong, elongated with soft sweet pulp.
Gutthi: Sapota Fruits are small-sized and oval, with apex broadly pointed. The pulp is sweet and chiku fruits are borne in clusters.
Jonnavalasa: This fruit variety from Andhra Pradesh has medium to large ovate fruits with light-colored peel and pulp which is sweet. 

Other state varieties

Chhatri: Low quality as compared with kalipatti sapota variety, high yielding sapota variety.
Dhola Diwani: Good quality yield having egg shaped fruits.
Baramasi: In northern India, it is a popular variety, round and medium shape fruit, 12 months yield giving variety.
Pot Sapota: Sapota Fruiting starts in the pot, small fruit which is egg shaped and having a sharp top, sapota fruit is very sweet and aromatic. 
Calcutta Round, Pala, Pilipatti, Vavi Valsa, Murabba, Baharu, and Gandhevi are also the varieties grown in other states.
The commercially cultivated Sapota varieties are CO1, CO 2, CO.3, PKM 1, PKM 2, PKM 3, PKM-4, PKM-5, Cricket Ball, Kallipatti, Pala, Guthi, Kirti Bairathi, and Oval.

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