Cultivation of cucumber from seeds

by Sadabahar Greens Pvt. Ltd.

Cucumbers are important summer vegetable crop  its mild , refreshing and high water content gives huge relief from summer heat . Its cultivation has been done since ancient times , cucumber not only provides relief from incessant heat but also has got lot of health benefits being rich in vitamin K it improves bone health also it is quite beneficial for cardiovascular and skin care also its seeds are used for oil extraction good for body and brain . There are mainly two types of cucumber plants –

  • Vining Cucumbers - grow on vigorous vines shaded by large leaves. The growth of these plants is fast, and the crop yield is abundant if you care for them properly. Vining varieties grow best when trained up on a fence .
  • Bush Cucumbers – They are nicely suited for container and if you have not much space for gardening , if taken care properly bush cucumbers grows and ripen in about six weeks .
  • Item Checklist Before you start growing cucumber here are the list of thing you must have –
  • Organic cucumber seeds
  • Organic potting soil
  • Growing trays or small containers
  • Essential gardening tools ( watering can , gardening gloves , trowel etc )


  • Selection of right variety It is one of the most important steps when you plan to grow your own cucumbers , there are around 15 varieties which can be easily grown depending upon the gardener’s wish .
    • Selection of container and soil preparation - As while growing up cucumber take up a lot of space so selection of right container is essential. It is advised to grow cucumber vertically as the plant will get more sunlight and its harvesting would be more easy to practice .
    Cucumbers should be planted at a place where it receives enough warmth and sunlight . Cucumbers require fertile soil. Mix in compost and/or aged manure before planting to a depth of 2 inches and work into the soil 6 to 8 inches deep. Make sure that soil is moist and well-drained, not soggy and compacted


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