Create a mini pond with plants and fishes

by Sadabahar Greens Pvt. Ltd.

Having a mini pond on your terrace or a balcony is a treat for an urban gardener as in very less space you can experience and enjoy different forms of aquatic species thriving in it. Also the plants growing in pond along with colorful fishes adds serenity and aesthetic to your home.

  • Location Although you have decided to have a pond on your terrace or balcony make sure that pond receives 2 to 3


Hour’s of direct sunlight as it is the most important source of energy for an ecosystem to sustain. Also too, much heat will prove favorable for growth of algae which will reduce the amount of oxygen in pond which is not good for your plants.

  • Choice of container –

The most important step in creation of  a mini pond , make sure the container fits in the desired spot your are planning to have your Garden also it should be water tight and also it needs to be big  enough. Containers made out of plastic, ceramic, glass, metal (stainless), clay or concrete of any desired shape are suitable for a mini pond. 

  • Plants suitable for mini pond

Plants for mini pond should not be fast growers, neither should they sprawl too far across the pond because they could cover the surface of water, also it will over-crowd the pond and lose its character. Plants like – grasses, aquatic plants, marsh and floating plants. Ideally a mix of tall and short plants and plants which survive beneath the water forms a great combination.


  • Fishes for mini pond -

It generally depends upon the size of container your are planning to have in your garden, always choose fish which can co-exist in your mini pond. Fishes offer several benefits as they feed on insects or larvae and consume algae as well. Golden fish , mosquito fish ,minnows, red shiners and comets are some of the species which can become a part of you mini pond .

  • Accessories for mini pond –

Addition of pebbles and stone to your mini pond will complete its look also for circulation of water installation of a water pump is necessary.

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