Complete Procedure to Build Balcony Vertical Garden

by Sadabahar Greens Pvt. Ltd.

There are plenty of DIY and ready-made vertical garden kits available, most are easy to assemble and are versatile.

Pallet vertical garden

Vertical Gardening systems made from pallets are the most popular DIY options today. Pallets are generally easy to come by and often free. Ensure the pallet at your garden that you chose is free from chemicals. If you’re looking for more information about pallets or need detailed information on how to create a vertical garden pallets check out our post called How Can I Use a Pallet for My Modern Vertical Garden?

Planter Pots

Try mounting planter pots on a pallet or stacking vertical garden planters of varying sizes to make a beautiful vertical garden on your balcony.

Hanging garden

You can make a vertical hanging garden out of PVC rain gutters. Using steel rain gutters, cables, and clamps you mount and attach the gutters to create a beautiful garden on your balcony.

Plants for Balcony Vertical Gardening Systems. 

If you’re looking to add some beauty to your balcony, there are a variety of vertical garden plants to choose from. A few hardy varieties are given below:
Ferns: A popular addition to vertical gardening systems, these tend to grow downward. Therefore, you may want to grow another plant to fill in space upward.
Bromeliads: With shallow roots, these plants require little space.
Trailing Vines: These grow vertically easily, with minimal effort and Care.
Succulents: These vertical garden plants are highly adaptable making them a vertical garden favorite.
Begonias: For those leaning towards vertical hanging garden plants, begonias are a great option.
Iris: These beautiful vertical flower gardens grow in shade or bright light.
Orchids: A favorite in balcony vertical gardens that receive bright light but not direct sunlight.
Herbs (parsley, rosemary, basil): Herbs are very low-maintenance, and a staple in the kitchen in the balcony vertical garden.

With composter vertical garden planter tower 

A vertical gardening systems that works in an efficient way while building a vertical garden design and ease to maintain and movable tool at your home is Sadabahar (Our Portable Vertical garden) This kind of setup is made like a tower space design for a garden tower vertical container. It helps in fertilizer of each plant in a better way. Due to movable features you can transfer your vertical garden tower to favorable climatic conditions. This vertical garden tower is available in two different colors White and Orange. Grab the deal with in budget at Urban plants 

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