Complete Guidance of Living stone plants

by Sadabahar Greens Pvt. Ltd.

Basic information on Lithops 

Botanical Name Lithops spp.
Common Name  Pebble plant , living stones
Plant Type Succulent
Mature size 0.5 - 2 in tall and wide
Sun Exposure Full
Soil Type Well drained and Sandy
Soil pH Neutral , alkaline , acidic
Bloom Time Fall
Flower Colour White , yellow, orange
Hardiness Zones USDA 10- 11 zones 


How To Harvest Living Stones

Living stone plants Urban plants Grate the brown seed capsules when they are ripe, keep the seeds in the summer until planting.

How To Propagate Living Stones


Sow the seeds in the coarse river sand in autumn. Do not cover, but stay wet with the upper mist so that the seeds do not dry out. Growth is fast, but the plant only after 1 year.


Divide during warm weather in autumn or spring.

Special Features Of Living Stones

Drought resistant

During a severe drought, plants can pull so deep into the ground that they actually become semi-underground, protecting them from adverse external influences.

  • Attractive leaves
  • Attractive flowers

Pot plant

Popularly grown in containers, the potting medium is very important. It must be a coarse sandy mix that drains well.

When Lithops are  bloom 

Most Lithops bloom in autumn and early winter, producing daisy yellow, light orange or white flowers with many petals. The flowers open in the afternoon on sunny days and close again in the afternoon. The flowers come from the gap between the leaves. Some flowers are fragrant. Their size ranges from about ½ to 1½ ", depending on the type and conditions

Are Lithops Toxic to Humans or Pets ?

Lithops plants Urban plants Lithops are not toxic to humans or pets. (There are even a few mentions that African children eat these plants as a way to quench their thirst.) The health of their garden depends on sufficient bright light, good soil drainage, and good irrigation. ... Lithops need well-drained soil, similar to cacti.

Is it possible to kill living stone lithops?

If you kill the living stone lithops - you have a lot of friends. Lithops care is not like all the other succulents I know. Proper watering of Lithops succulents is a safe way to kill living stones. It is absolutely necessary to irrigate flowering rocks according to their relatively unique life cycle.

Other Uses Of Living Stones

Some species have medicinal value.
Some species are eaten.

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