Chrysanthemum Farming in Polyhouse for Maximum Profits

by Sadabahar Greens Pvt. Ltd.

Chrysanthemum farming is done in different parts of the country and is known by various names in different regions. In the Hindi belt, it is called “Guldaudi,” in the eastern states, it's “Chandramalika,” in the southern states, it's “Samanti,” and in the western states, it's Shade net technology has made Chrysanthemum farming easier and more convenient. Using our special orchard flat roof shade net house for Chrysanthemum provides excellent features that create the best conditions for successful Chrysanthemum production.

One of the biggest advantages of using shade net houses for Chrysanthemum farming is the control they offer over the environment. Farmers can adjust the temperature, humidity, and light levels, providing the perfect growing conditions for delicate Chrysanthemum plants.

The benefits of using shade net houses for Chrysanthemum cultivation are:

  1. Chrysanthemum-Farming-in-Polyhouse-Urban-Plants

    Ideal Microclimate: Shade net houses create a controlled environment that is perfect for Chrysanthemum growth.
  2. Temperature Control: These houses help maintain the right temperature for Chrysanthemums.
  3. Less Water Usage: The shade net material reduces water evaporation, saving water.
  4. Protection from Pests and Diseases: The shade net house acts as a barrier, keeping pests and diseases away from the plants.
  5. Improved Flower Quality: Chrysanthemums growing shade net houses have better colors, bigger flowers.
  6. Protection from Weather: The shade net house shields the plants from heavy rain, hail, and strong winds.
  7. Higher Yield: With the optimized environment, Chrysanthemum yields increase, leading to higher profits.

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