by Samin Rizvi

Garden Maintenance

Growing a diverse garden with different kinds of plants is what every home gardener wants. It’s the kind of activity that keeps you engaged and keeps gardening from getting boring or repetitive.

But there’s one little hitch with this desire to have a varied garden – each plant has its own needs and wants that should be fulfilled if they are to thrive. For example, each plant requires watering in different amounts and varying frequencies

At times, it can be hard to keep up with these demands. But then, that’s why you have sprinklers that can do this job for you!

However, what you may not know is that these sprinklers come in numerous types and one might be better for your garden than another. Wondering which one that could be? Then read on and find out for yourself!

Best Water Sprinkler for your Garden:

1. Fixed spray head sprinkler

This is the standard sprinkler head for most home gardens. It can be made to cover a fairly medium to a large area that accounts for most backyard gardens.

With this, you can control the intensity of the water to whether you want a slow drip, a steady drizzle or a powerful stream. A spray head sprinkler is certified to make watering your plants an easier job!

2. Rotor head sprinkler for large, open spaces

Have a vast, expansive garden that can get tiresome to water? Well, then you need a rotor sprinkler! This sprinkler has a head that rotates and projects a steady stream of water over a large area.

3. Micro-sprinkler for the flower or vegetable beds

Who doesn’t love a beautiful flower or vegetable bed in the garden? It can often be the centre of attraction in space. But taking care of it can get tricky because you don’t want to walk over anything.

4. Multiple-stream sprinklers for lawns

Lawns are a vast area that needs good watering to develop that bring, olivine green colour that makes them look beautiful. A multiple-stream sprinkler does exactly what its name suggests! It sends out multiple currents of water that can reach large and different areas and can even cover slopes and uneven grounds.


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