Challenges In Waste Management At Home

by Sadabahar Greens Pvt. Ltd.


Challenges-In-Waste-Management-At-Home-Urban-PlantsIf you are the one who is concerned about the environment and going to start managing waste from your own home to contribute on your level in protecting nature, then this article is for you which gives you all prior information related to the challenges of waste management at home and the best solution to tackle these problems.

Waste Generated At Home-Challenges-In-Waste-Management-At-Home-Urban-Plants

There are so many different wastes generated in our home on a daily basis. Whether it's from the kitchen including fruit and vegetable peels, leftover foods, used tea leaves etc. or from your pooja ghar  contains offered flowers. Which when not separated with other wastes and dumped directly in the garbage area gives an awful smell. But if you separate these biodegradable wastes and make black gold out of it that is compost then you will be able to reduce the quantity of waste from your home and use this compost to nourish your plants.

Challenges in waste management at home-

1.Lack of space-Challenges-In-Waste-Management-At-Home-Urban-Plants

In urban areas many people live in apartments with limited space, so even if they want to manage their waste they drop the idea because they think separating waste and composting requires much space and they also don't have plants to use to use that compost.

So, if you also live in small apartments but want to grow different plants in a limited space and also want to make compost without giving extra space then Sadabahar vertical garden tower-planter cum composter is best choice for you in which you can plant around 51 different plants vertically with the facility of composting within it. 

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2.Lack of awareness in family-Challenges-In-Waste-Management-At-Home-Urban-Plants

If you have started to separate the biodegradable and non biodegradable wastes but your family member's habit is same of dumping all wastes as they always do, you will never be successful in separating all wastes, their contribution is very much important. So, before starting it, talk with your family members about the advantages and impact of managing waste on the environment as well as on their life. It will take time for them to learn but after some time they will also be able to separate wastes properly.

3.Time investment-

Many people think that managing waste is a tedious and time taking process. They don't have much time from their daily routines to invest in separating and managing wastes of their home and making compost out of it. But once you start to do it, it will become a habit of your life.

4. Lack of continuity-Challenges-In-Waste-Management-At-Home-Urban-Plants

Most of the people put their efforts at the beginning while managing waste properly in their home, but after sometime they are not able to continue this process and leave it in between for various reasons like busy job schedules, due to not getting instant results. That's why they can't see the after result of using that waste in making compost.

But if you  are conscious enough of your objective of managing waste and able to continue it. After sometime you will notice that the waste quantity from your home has gone down and many people will also start to admire and follow you. 



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