Canna Lily Information and Types of Canna lilles

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Canna Lily plant is a tropical herb of genus canna that bears clusters of large showing flowers. There are many species and varieties of this plant. The different varieties bear different types of leaves colour and flower colour. This plant is known for its big sized leaves. This plant is kept as a show plant. Canna Lily plant bears flowers of different colours such as yellow, red, pink and orange. The leaves grow out of the stem in a long narrow Roll. It is a low maintenance plant and easy to grow.

Keli plant


The Canna plant is also known as the Keli plant. It is one of the famous and well known show plants that can be planted in the garden to enhance the beauty of your garden. It is not only a perennial plant but also an ornamental plant. Once it is planted it gives flowers for many years. Too much care and attention is not required for this plant. 

Yellow Canna Lily

Yellow canna Lily plants bloom yellow colour flowers. The sunlight requirement for yellow colour canna Lily plant is approx 3 to 4 hours of full sunlight and then it should be kept in partial shade if it is planted in a pot but if it is planted in a garden then it can tolerate full sunlight for maximum hours . Canna plants love humidity and moist conditions. They do well with good water. Canna Lily plant requires well drained soil and a soil that can hold moisture for a longer time with 10% of compost . The aim of adding compost is to make the soil loose that can hold moisture and last for sometime.

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