Caladium Bulbs That Will Add Extra Flavour To Your Home

by Sadabahar Greens Pvt. Ltd.


Caladiums are often used as a houseplant. As Caladium bulbs are easy to care for and will add extra flavour to your home. They require very little sunlight and water, but they need plenty of warmth and humidity. The Caladium Bulb grow best in pots that have a good drainage system. They need to be watered every day, but only if the soil is dry. If you are looking for an easy way to make your home more interesting, then adding a few caladiums will do the trick


  • Caladium-Urban-PlantsCaladium bulb are a great plant to grow in your garden or home.
  • Caladium bulb are also very easy to care for.
  • One thing you will need to do is make sure the soil is moist and well drained.
  • There are many different types of soil that you can use, but the best is potting soil. 


  • You should also make sure that the caladium bulbs have enough sunlight.


  • Caladium bulb need to be watered every two days.
  • But make sure you don't overwater them.
  • When it's time for your plants to die off, you can either cut them off or dig them up and throw them away.


  • Caladium-Urban-PlantsGrow Caladium Plant in spring (February to March) and summer (April to June).
  • These South American beauties love warmth and daylight.
  • Caladium bulbs are warm-tempered and will grow as soon as you plant them, no special treatments required.
  • Plant tubers in 4-6 inch (10-15 cm) pots, covering with only 1 inch (2.5 cm) of potting mix.
  • Water them well and keep them in a warm place (about 75°F/24°C) with indirect light.
  • You can expect those colourful leaves to emerge in 6–8 weeks.

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