Cafe Interior Decoration With Snake Plants And Care

by Sadabahar Greens Pvt. Ltd.

Looking for attractive as well as  easy to care indoor plants for your restaurant or cafe decoration to give the ambiance a life.

Even though cafe interior design is very fascinating, filling up space with the  cafe plants will make the cafe interior look alive ,which will definitely attract the customers and force them to come again because of the peace of the environment.

Meanwhile choosing suitable cafe plants while managing a cafe or restaurant will take time to research.Here urban plants have made it easy for you.

The most popular and loving cafe interior plant is snake plants also known as Mother-in-law’s tongue.This plant has stiffy and sword-like leaves which ranges from five-inches to thirty- inches in pot depending on different varieties.

How To Decorate Your cafe 

The plant which is chosen for the greenery cafe should not take much space as it makes cafes look smaller than it is.Snake plant has straight swordy leaves which can be planted in any container you want as per required space.

  •  Snake plants can be decorated as a border plant outside of the cafe.
  • It can be kept in an elegant white ceramic pot in long cylindrical, square shape etc.
  • Longer leaves varieties should be used for decorating the surface area of the floor and the dwarf leaves varieties should be kept on the top of the table or at a certain height.

Snake Plant Care 


Snake plants can grow and do well in any type of soil,without worrying about feeding fertilizer periodically.


Overwatering should be avoided in snake plants, especially if it is kept inside of a cafe or restaurant.


Snake plants can do well even in the low light of cafe interior space.But appreciate the medium indirect light for proper growth.

There are different varieties of snake plants

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