Brahma Kamal flower plant

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Brahma Kamal also popularly known as the king of Himalayan flower, are extreme rare plants known for its beautiful white flower and fragrance. The plant has been named after lord Brahma . The plant it is a native of state Uttarakhand. It is considered to be sacred and offered in holy shrines- Kedarnath , Badrinath , and Tunganath . It is a species of flowering plants in the asteraceae family and its scientific name is Saussurea obvallata. Generally it is found at an altitude of 4500 meter , but the best part is you can grow this beauty in your garden as well .  The Brahma Kamal blooms only after sunset and takes two hours b/w July to September once in a year this makes Brahma Kamal a night blooming flower .  It is believed to bring in loads of good luck and prosperity and a home where the flower blooms.


The name ‘ Brahma Kamal’ is known to be found in Purana as according to Hindu mythology lord Brahma kamal was born from a humongous white lotus thus leading to this name , not only used for mythological purpose but it has found extensive use in indigenous Ayurveda and Tibetan medicine system . The entire plant is used for treating several human disease which includes liver inflammations , intestinal ailments , fever and for healing cuts and bruises . The root of Brahma Kamal is used to prepare scent and perfumes.


Brahma Kamal Plant care

  • Propagation of Brahma Kamal - Brahma Kamal plant is propagated by rhizome, herbaceous stem, and leaf-cutting or layering. A phylloclade can be placed in the soil , in about three weeks adventitious roots come out and then planted in a pot .
  • Soil Preparation and fertilizer application of Bramha kamal – As it is a night blooming plant it is advised to use slightly acidic soil as they grow well in that , one can apply peat moss , sand and pine bark in ratio of 2:1:1 . The soil fertility can be amended by applying organic matter or any fertilizer with less nitrogen content as excess of nitrogen will cause excess growth of stem and less no. of blooms .
  • Light and temperature needs of the plant – Brahma Kamal does’nt grows well in direct sunlight , it prefers indirect and bright light so it should be placed at a place where it receives indirect light for at least 6 hours. As it is a tropical Plant the temperature between 50 to 90° F.

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